Gas Leaks

Actions in case of gas accident

It is important to follow the instructions for gas appliances, the gas company regulations, and not to become careless when using gas appliances.

The most common gas accident is leakage. This can be caused by:

  • incorrect installation of appliances
  • errors in use
  • carelessness, etc.

The gas leak is not an accident in itself; it's called an emergency situation, which can cause an accident if further action is not right.

When purchasing an LPG (PROPANE) cylinder, make sure that the gas company provides an operative service in case of a gas accident.

Get the contracts of the natural gas (methane) supplier/handler (for example, an information number in the event of an accident) and make sure that the specialists are available if necessary.

Instruct family members (especially children) about how to deal with a gas accident.