Preparing for Crisis Situations

Emergency supplies

How to plan and keep your domestic reserves

  • Determine which tools and reserves your family needs to cope independently for one week. Take into consideration the possibility that due to a crisis situation you cannot leave home, goods are not available at shops, and other vital services are not functioning (electricity, water supply, etc.). 
  • Think about where and how to store your stockpile to ensure that it can be easily accessed by you and your family.
  • It is advisable to pack supplies that are not used every day in a separate bag. It is reasonable to keep some of the supplies necessary for evacuation in your car, such as a mobile charger, road map, snow shovel.
  • Update your supplies regularly.
  • When stock-piling any combustible material (such as liquid fuel, gas, firewood), follow the fire safety regulations and conditions for their storage.

Find detailed instructions and checklists at Be Ready website.