Recommended supplies for an emergency

When purchasing food supplies, follow the principles below

  • the food must be safe and of high quality;
  • the food should be safely packaged;
  • when opened, the food should be suitable for consumption within one day;
  • the food should be stored at 0 °C...+25 °C, and the product must withstand temperatures of –30 °C ... +40 °C for a short time. The expected preservation conditions for food at room temperature are essential for ensuring food safety and for the long-term preservation of the food product;
  • the shelf life of the food should be at least 6 months;
  • dry food for home cooking is preferred. The food packaging should be durable enough and convenient to handle and maintain;
  • choose the food your family normally eats.
  • think about cooking without electricity and heating (kerosene stove)!