Traffic accident

Before the traffic accident

The most important thing is to anticipate the dangers of traffic. The main cause of traffic accidents is not so much in technical failures or poor traffic management, as in erroneous activities of road users. Often this is not a particular mistake, but a coincidence of incidents that has serious consequences.

In many ways, the causes of traffic accidents are psychological. For some reason, people often want to take risks. Taking risks is the selection of an action that, in the event of failure, puts a person in a worse position:

  • drivers choose a speed that is not suitable in the given situation
  • drivers make dangerous overtakes
  • pedestrians cross streets in places with poor visibility
  • pedestrians cross the road between moving vehicles or the shade of stationary vehicles
  • road rules are being consciously ignored
  • people ride bikes on the road not knowing traffic rules

Any risk is totally unjustified if the more dangerous solution is only chosen to test one’s abilities. Many people underestimate the dangers and take risks just to bring excitement into their daily routine.

The danger is underestimated for two reasons:

  • ignorance
  • a person may be aware of the danger, but because of neglect or overestimation of their abilities, they do not let themselves be disturbed by it

The fact that people are aware of the danger and probability of an accident is also a determinant, but it is always thought that this will not happen to me.

In traffic, safety means the ability of a person not to cause dangerous situations when driving, but if they emerge, they will successfully withstand the threats (regardless of whether they have caused the emergency or not). Briefly - the ability to avoid an accident. It is important to be successful in dealing with unusual situations.