Traffic accident

Notifying Emergency Response Centre

Estonian Emergency Response Centre must ask the notifier the following questions:

What happened? Explanation of the situation (how did this accident happen, how many vehicles were involved in it?).

Where did the accident happen? Describe the location of the accident as accurately as possible. Since traffic accidents can generally only happen on the road, it's always possible to explain the correct location to the alarm center in some way. If you do not know exactly where you are currently located, it's possible to explain where you are coming from and where you are going. Even this helps the alarm center to figure out where you are with the help of the map. Also, if you report an accident on the mobile phone, mobile phone positioning systems are increasingly widespread.

Your name, contact phone number and connection to this accident (are you involved in the accident, did you see the accident as a bystander, or did arrive at the site of the accident after the taking of the accident as a passer-by?)

Are there any injured people in the vehicle, how many?

What are their injuries? This is very important, but it's very difficult for an ordinary person to explain. Mostly, every person can tell if the victims are conscious, that is, they are contactable; are they bloody; do they breathe; do they have a heartbeat?

Have the vehicle(s) ignited or is there a visible danger to it? (Visible danger means leakage of a fuel tank and gasoline or diesel odor).

In which position is/are the vehicle(s)? On wheels, on the side, on the roof, etc?

Are the victims in the vehicle or out of the vehicle?

Is traffic obstructed? When the vehicles that were involved in the accident are on the road, traffic is usually blocked, but if they are in the ditch or out of the road, they usually do not obstruct traffic.

May there be a vehicle carrying dangerous goods? If a means of transport participated in the accident, does it have orange warning signs on it? Is there any leakage? Warning signs are clearly distinguishable on a vehicle carrying dangerous goods.

The alarm center has 1 minute to receive the most important information according to which they can send out help and then start specifying the situation.

ATTENTION! Say as calmly as possible what has happened and what you see and answer the questions asked!