Volunteer rescuers

Volunteer rescuers voluntarily participate in rescue or preventive work. In agreement with the employer, volunteers can do rescue or preventive work also during working hours.

Volunteer rescuer is an active person knowing the rescue field. He or she offers their family, neighbor, and community

  • the sense of security;
  • prompt assistance in the event of an accident;
  • an example;
  • correct attitudes and behavioral guidelines.

Volunteer rescuer

  • responds to an accident that occurred in the home location or other rescue problem;
  • prevents dangerous situations;
  • trains others and increases their awareness of danger.

He or she is

  • professional assistance of the Estonian Rescue Board in the event of rescue events and prevention;
  • an active member of the community.

As of 2018, there are 119 volunteer brigades’ teams and 3 reserve rescue brigades in Estonia, of which 1932 volunteer rescuers!