In most cases, floods are caused by strong and prolonged rainfall. The flood can cause a lot of damage because the water is heavy and immensely moving. Make sure that your family members are aware of the dangers and can prevent them.

Before the flood

  • Get the most accurate forecast for weather and water levels. Find out what level of water will pose a danger to your household.
  • If possible, build water barriers.
  • Be ready for any power cuts. Turn off electricity both in the event of danger and when leaving your home.
  • Charge the mobile phone, find a flashlight, acquire a battery powered radio, etc.
  • Store drinking water, food, batteries, and car fuel.
  • Close the openings of sewage pipes and tap drain pipes with wooden stoppers.
  • Disconnect the downpipes leading to sewerage.
  • Take your home property and chemicals that may cause contamination above the surface of the earth in the potential flood area.
  • Get ready to evacuate.

During the flood

  • When the water enters the building, retreat to the second floor, attic or roof. Take with you items necessary for the emergency: telephone, blankets, food and clean drinking water.
  • Set the radio to your local radio frequency to be connected to the outside world.
  • Make yourself/your household visible/audible to the rescuers.
  • Follow the instructions given on evacuation.
  • Take into account the risks due to the movement of the water outside.
  • Do not move into the flooded area.
  • Keep away from flooded substations, as well as electrical equipment and cables.
  • Call 112 in case of personal injury and direct danger.

Areas with a high risk of flood in Estonia are:

  • Papsaare village in Audru municipality
  • Haapsalu
  • Aardlapalu village in Haaslava municipality
  • Virtsu hamlet in Hanila rural municipality
  • Häädemeeste hamlet in Häädemeeste rural municipality
  • Järvakandi town
  • Kohtla-Järve
  • Kuressaare
  • Kärdla
  • Maardu
  • Nasva hamlet in Kaarma municipality
  • Paide
  • Pärnu
  • Paralepa and Uuemõisa hamlets in Ridala municipality
  • Maidla densely populated area in Saue municipality
  • Võru hamlet in Tahkuranna municipality
  • Haabersti, Northern Tallinn, City Center, and Pirita city districts in Tallinn
  • Tartu
  • Ilmatsalu hamlet in Tähtvere rural municipality
  • Võru