A Sample Emergency Shelter Unveiled in Tartu

The Estonian Rescue Board, in cooperation with the Estonian Defence League and the Tartu City Government, has furnished a sample sheltering place in the basement of an apartment building in Tartu. This project aims to demonstrate how to create sheltering places in building basements using available materials. The sheltering place, located on Nisu Street, serves as a practical example for apartment associations, local municipalities, and other interested parties.

Civil protection relies on the population's ability to protect themselves and assist others in crises. Knowing how and when to seek shelter is crucial. The Estonian Defence League pioneers constructed the sheltering place using materials at hand, following guidelines from the Estonian Rescue Board and an analysis by TalTech University. Ukrainian experiences and Defence League practices were also considered.

The sheltering place is designed to be multifunctional, usable for storage during normal times, and convertible into a shelter within three days during emergencies.
To visit the sheltering place on Nisu Street, an appointment can be booked with the Estonian Rescue Board by emailing the advisor on shelters of the Southern Regional Rescue Service at ....

The Rescue Board is in charge of civil protection and is responsible for shelters, large-scale evacuation, hazard warnings and improving public crisis preparedness.