Crisis Management Guides Reached Hundreds of Thousands of Estonian Home

Within two months, the Estonian Rescue Board sent updated instructions on how to act during a crisis to the mailboxes of more than 566,000 Estonian homes. A hazard information guide leaflet sent to homes during the spring teaches how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in a crisis. It complements the ‘Ole valmis’ guide sent to Estonian residents in 2022 with fresh information.

The leaflet instructs how to act if you receive a mobile alert or if sirens go off, when and how to take shelter, what to consider in the case of evacuation, and what supplies to have in case of a crisis. The three-language instructions were sent on paper, as they need to be available even when there is no electricity or no data connection.

Of the 581,000 publications posted, only 2.5%, or around 15,000, were returned because the post box at the destination was either missing or already full, for example. If you have not received your brochure by 1 July, you can call the national helpline 1247 for further instructions on how and where to get it. The brochure can be downloaded in Estonian, English, and Russian from A digital version in Ukrainian is also available.
The state uses a variety of channels and tools that allow as many people as possible to be warned of a threat in a timely manner. Based on the threat level, the country can use mobile phone messages (EE-ALARM), and a network of sirens is currently being developed. Where necessary, the state also uses door-to-door notifications and alarm vehicle sirens. Media outlets and other online channels also play an important role.

The Estonian Rescue Board is the leading agency for civil protection, responsible for sheltering, large-scale evacuation, hazard warnings, and improving the preparedness of people for crises. It is also responsible for building the crisis preparedness of local authorities and their communities.

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