An emergency is an event or chain of events that endangers the lives or health of many people, causes of large-scale property damage or environmental damage or serious and extensive disruptions in the sustainability of a vital service, and the solution of which requires prompt concerted action by a number of authorities or the persons involved by them.

Emergencies are almost always unexpected, although under certain conditions it is possible to predict their occurrence (e.g., storm warnings). When receiving warnings, specific crisis management measures can be put in place to help mitigate the effects of a possible emergency.

The organization of tackling emergencies is separately reflected of each emergency in Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) which are prepared by the authorities responsible for compiling the EAPs established by the Government of the Republic. The organization of the preparation of EAPs gives us confidence that there are supra-institutional situation-specific EAPs in the country for the highest-risk emergencies.

Under the guidance of the Estonian Rescue Board, risk analyzes for the following emergencies are prepared:

1. Extensive forest and landscape fire;
2. Storm with severe consequences;
3. Flood in a densely populated area;
4. A major accident at a plant handling hazardous chemicals or other industrial buildings or warehouse;
5. A fire, an explosion or a collapse that can result in injuries to many people;
6. Extremely cold weather.

The Estonian Rescue Board together with regional rescue centers will participate in the preparation of the following emergency risk assessments:
1. Extensive coastal pollution;
2. Extensive environmental pollution inland;
3. Road accident with severe consequences;
4. Railway accident with severe consequences;
5. Aircraft accident with severe consequences;
6. Accident with many casualties caused by ice decomposition;
7. Massive disorder;
8. Hostage taking;
9. Extremely hot weather;
10. Transnational nuclear disaster;
11. Radiological accident due to national causes;
12. Abrupt attack;

13. The event that threatens the health and life of many Estonian residents in a foreign country.

List of emergencies  and parties preparing the Emergency Action Plan