Public Shelters

Public Shelters

The Estonian Rescue Board in cooperation with local governments will mark public shelters in major cities in Estonia with international civil defence signs.

Map of public shelters can be found here.

Avalikku varjumiskohta tähistav tsiviilkaitse märgis.

The public shelters are intended for all those in need of assistance in the event of danger and are marked with a civil defence sign. The locations of the shelters must be known to the local governments as well as to the public.

Taking shelter may be necessary in the event of a military threat, but also in the event of other threats such as extreme weather conditions, major fires, chemical attacks, mass riots, etc. The instructions also vary from one type of threat to another – for example, in extreme weather conditions, it is sufficient to simply go indoors and close the windows. You should therefore always listen to the instructions given by the government and act accordingly.