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List of documents to be submitted to the official exercising supervision over fire safety upon application for the permit for the use of the building.

An instruction that provides guidelines for the comparative approach in the area of ​​fire safety in the building, providing the basis for analytical proof of the fire safety of buildings.

An instruction for the preparation of the fire safety part on the basis of the requirements arising from Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Regulation No 97 "Requirements for the construction project” § 22.

A tool for decision making on plans and construction projects, since the building is constructed, and, where appropriate, also the construction, must be in line with the constraints and design of the building's location.

An instruction for the construction or installation of a solid fuel oven, stove, fireplaces or any other heating device operating on solid fuel and chimney and connection flues.

The instruction provides answers to the problems emerging in the practice of fire safety in Estonian hospitals and nursing homes, as well as presents yet unknown or little-used fire protection solutions. The instruction is intended for persons responsible for the fire safety of hospitals and nursing homes, drafters of technical specifications for procurement, as well as designers and supervisors.

The design guide is drawn due to the need to specify and supplement the statutory fire safety requirements for the design and construction of hospitals and nursing homes, taking into account the specific features of such buildings.

Guide for verifying the compliance of lightning protection systems.

Instruction on the recognition of combustible materials in the plan of a warehouse or storage area.

Reminder for handling false alarms or the owner of Automatic Fire Detection System.

Reminder for handling false alarms or the maintenance person of Automatic Fire Detection System.

The following is a guide for choosing and installing fire collars.

Recommendations for fire safety in organizing a fire show.

Guide to storage areas for combustible materials.

The guide is intended for retailers and e-traders as well as for end users of the product.

A reminder for the consumer for the use of sky lanterns