• 1524

    Rescue Service information number

    Call if:

    • you need advice on improving the safety of your home
    • you need contacts and reception times of Rescue Service officials
    • you would like to know where and under which conditions it is allowed to make a fire
    • you would like to be equipped with the automatic fire detection and fire alarm system
    • you would like additional information about Rescue Board’s prevention campaigns
    • you have a question concerning the fields of activity of the rescue service, but you do not know who to turn to.

    When calling from a mobile phone, the regular charge of 0.23 euro cents per minute applies. When calling from a desk phone, the charge based on the service package of the operator applies.

    Customer assistant

    • receives the message
    • analyses the problem
    • provides the phone number and/or reception times of the necessary official
    • records all the questions and the summaries of their answers into the Rescue Board database.

    The assistant is guided by good practices and the principle that every problem must be solved. 

  • 112

    Emergency number

    Call if you think that the environment or somebody’s life, health or property is in danger, for example:

    • fast medical assistance is needed immediately
    • a traffic accident or some other accident with victims has taken place
    • a person is drowning
    • a person is stuck somewhere
    • there is a fire or a suspicion of fire
    • there is a gas accident or a gas leak
    • you have found an explosive device
    • there has been an explosion or there is a danger of explosion
    • there has been a collapse or there is a danger of collapse
    • there is serious air pollution
    • there is water pollution
    • there is soil pollution
    • there is a dangerous wild animal in the city.

    Explain calmly

    • What happened? Describe the danger or the accident that made you call.
    • Where did it happen? Tell the address or give as detailed directions as possible.
    • Is somebody hurt? How many victims are there and what is their condition?
    • Provide you name and the phone number where you are calling from. If necessary, the rescue leaders call you back to specify, for example, the location, house, apartment number, etc.

    Answer the questions in a short and precise manner.

    Do not end the call unless you have been given permission to do so.

    NB! Calling the emergency number 112 is not a joke. Nowadays, none of the callers remains anonymous. Prank callers will be punished by the police. 

  • 1220

    Family physician advisory line

    The national help centre provides medical advice 24h a day in Estonian as well as in Russian.

    Call if:

    • you need medical advice
    • you are unable to contact your family physician.

    When calling from abroad, dial +372 630 4107.

    The adviser:

    • examines your medical state
    • provides first aid instructions
    • gives advice about what to do next
    • answers healthcare-related questions
    • directs the call to the emergency number 112, if the problem is critical.

    The employees of the advisory line are experienced physicians and nurses.

    The number 1220 can be dialled from all communication operators across Estonia. When calling from a desk phone, the first 5 minutes are free of any charge. From then on, local call charges apply. When calling from a mobile phone, the package-based per minute charge applies from the beginning of the call.

    The callers remain anonymous. Persons without health insurance are also welcome to call.

    When calling the number 1220

    • inform the adviser about your problem as clearly and precisely as possible;
    • explain whether you have done anything to alleviate the problem;
    • before making the call, write down the name of the medications used at the moment. 
  • 1343

    Fault notification line of Eesti Energia

    If there is a power outage, call or send a SMS to Eesti Energia fault notification line 1343. The line is open 24h a day.

    When calling

    • provide the exact address of the object with no power or of the place where the fault occurred;
    • if you are notifying of a tree that has fallen on a power line or of a broken power line, describe the location of the fault as clearly as possible; name of the substation is also helpful.
    • if possible, add a short description of the fault, for example: there is no electricity, a tree has fallen on a line, a mast is broken, a power line has fallen to the ground, etc.
    • clearly state you given name and surname and your contact phone number. Giving your electricity contract number is also helpful.

    The order of giving the data is not important.

    You can also send a text message

    In the event of larger faults, the telephone lines may be overloaded. In that case, it is convenient to send your notice by a text message. If the notice is inserted correctly, the sender will receive an affirmation of receipt.

    The charge based on the service packet of the operator applies for calls and text messages.

    Give notice of a fault if:

    • your neighbours have also no power;
    • you have not received any notice about a planned outage;
    • main circuit breaker has been switched on in your distribution board.

    If you notice that power lines or some other circuit devices that may endanger humans or animals have fallen to the ground, please also call the emergency number 112.  

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The mission of the Rescue board

We prevent accidents, save lives, property and the environment.

The vision of the Rescue Board

Together we have reduced accidents and losses to the level seen in the Nordic countries.

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  • 2014

    • People who have died in fires (updated 7.10) 32
    • People who have drowned (updated 7.10) 57
    • Number of explosive devices (updated 19.09) 2402
    • Forest and landscape fires (updated 31.08) 2341
  • 2018