Fire safety self-checking

Self-checking means the obligation of a person to check the immovable, the building space, the device in their possession, and the safety and conformity of the use thereof.

The report can be submitted in the self-service environment at

The fire safety self-checking report must be provided for the buildings in which are located

  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • accommodation establishments
  • medical and welfare institutions
  • shopping malls
  • major agricultural and industrial buildings
  • high-rise buildings
  • underground garages
  • a vital service

The detailed criteria are provided in Annex 2 to the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior "Requirements for the fire safety self-checking and fire safety report and compulsory criteria for the preparation of a fire safety report” that can be easily found in the State Gazette. Annex 1 to the same Regulation sets out the reporting format. Fire safety self-checking reports need not be provided by private houses, apartments and smaller institutions and companies.

The responsibility for submitting a fire safety report lies with the owner of the building. If there are several possessors, the owner of the building must appoint a person responsible for compilation and submission of a fire safety report, who will prepare and submit a joint fire safety report on the building to the regional rescue center. On the basis of the submitted reports, the fire safety officer assesses the fire safety situation of the institution or company and makes a decision on the necessity of carrying out the fire safety inspection.

In case of questions and problems, the fire safety officers of the regional rescue center, whose contact details are available from the Information Line of Rescue Service 1524 or from the homepage of the Estonian Rescue Board, provide advice.

When submitting a report in paper form or by e-mail, it must be addressed according to the location of the building as follows:

  • In the territory of Northern Regional Rescue Center Raua tn 2, Tallinn 10124 or pohja[at];
  • In the territory of Southern Regional Rescue Center Jaama 207, Tartu 50705 or louna[at];
  • In the territory of Eastern Regional Rescue Center Rahu 38, Jõhvi 41532 või ida[at];
  • In the territory of Western Regional Rescue Center Pikk 20A, Pärnu 80010 või laane[at]