Operational map

A person owning a building has the obligation to draw up an operational map for the building in their possession. The operational map is a compact view of the technical details of the building, fire safety installations in the building, and other important points that help the rescue team to resolve any event.

The operational map can be submitted in the self-service environment.

The operational map must be submitted on the building:

  • if the company has the obligation of submitting a fire safety self-check report;
  • for a building of ten and more stories;
  • for a building of cultural value;
  • for a building where monuments are kept.

The criteria for the operational map are provided for in the Regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure ‘Requirements for the documentation of construction, retention and transfer of construction documents, and requirements for maintenance instructions and the retention and submission thereof’ that can be easily found in Riigi Teataja.

The detailed criteria are set by the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior ‘Fire safety requirements for buildings and requirements for fire water supply.’ Annex 9 to the same regulation sets out the format of the operational map.

The responsibility for submitting an operational map lies with the possessor of the building. If there are several possessors, the owner of the building must appoint a person responsible for the compilation and submission of an operational map, who will prepare and submit an operational map of the building to the regional rescue centre.

The regional rescue centre reviews the operational map and necessary, contacts the person submitting the operational map. If the operative map is in order, the regional rescue centre will coordinate the operational map.

In case of questions and problems, the fire safety officers of the regional rescue centre, whose contact details are available from the website of the Estonian Rescue Board, provide advice.

When submitting an operational map in paper form or by email, it must be addressed according to the location of the building as follows:

  • In the territory of Northern rescue centre Erika 3, Tallinn 10416 or ...;
  • In the territory of Southern rescue centre Jaama 207, Tartu 50705 or ...;
  • In the territory of Eastern rescue centre Rahu 38, Jõhvi 41532 or ...;
  • In the territory of Western rescue centre A. H. Tammsaare pst 61, Pärnu 80042 or ....