Coordination of detailed plans

The detailed plan is the basis for the construction project, and it sets out the general requirements or restrictions for the planned building. The local government determines which authorities are required to approve the detailed plan. Coordination must certainly be obtained also from the Estonian Rescue Board.

The rescue service agency does not itself conduct administrative procedures in the detailed planning procedures, but gives its approval or refuses to grant it in the procedure carried out by the local government. Therefore the activity of the rescue service agency is a procedural act in the administrative procedure of the local government. The rescue service agency is a coordinating administrative body and coordination or refusal from coordination must be made by the rescue service agency within 30 days. In case the documents cannot be processed within 30 days, the rescue service agency has the right to apply for the local government to extend the time allowed for the operation.

NB! The rescue service agency can only approve the detailed plans for which the municipality has initiated proceedings.

The engineering bureaus of the Estonian Rescue Board are responsible for controlling the detailed plans.

Contacts of the officials of the engineering bureaus.

The Estonian Rescue Board evaluates the detailed plan:

  • fire protection belt between buildings;
  • possibilities of obtaining extinguishing water according to standard EVS 812-6  (;
  • access to rescue equipment, general information on rescue equipment is reflected in standard EVS 812-7 (;
  • consideration of the results of the Emergency Risk Analysis, enterprise liable to be affected by the major accident and their risk areas are listed in the map application of dangerous enterprises of the Land Board.