Order a chimney sweeper early

Every year, a couple of hundred fires are caused by the soot that has taken fire in the smoke flue. All such fires can be prevented by the regular cleaning and maintenance of chimneys and heaters.

For information on ordering a chimney sweeper, call State helpline 1247. Contacts of chimney sweepers can be found at https://kuttesusteem.paasteamet.ee Let us also remind you that a chimney sweeper must have a professional certificate. The validity of this certificate must be checked from the Register of Professions prior to the ordering of the work.

After the maintenance work, the chimney sweeper will prepare a report indicating the performed work and the chimney sweeper certificate number. The report shall be signed by both the customer and the chimney sweeper. In case of an accident, you need to prove that your heating supplies have been serviced in order to receive your insurance indemnity. The report must, therefore, be maintained.

During cold weather, the fire safety and condition of the boiler houses must be particularly monitored. In case of malfunctions, many houses can remain unheated. This can have very serious consequences.

For the purpose of preventing accidents, we recommend

  • to maintain the boilers and heating systems at the prescribed time, since the heating devices operating at maximum loads need to be in perfect technical condition;
  • heat the boilers only with high-quality fuel;
  • at a cold time, observe heating boilers more closely than usual.