Severe Weather Emergencies


Snowstorms can have severe consequences. Strong winds, extreme cold, and heavy snowfalls can be life-threatening both separately and together. Make sure that your family members are aware of the dangers and can prevent them.

Before the snowstorm:

  • Store drinking water, batteries, and firewood.
  • Be prepared for possible power outages. Charge your mobile phone and fill your car with fuel.

During the snowstorm

  • If you can, stay inside.
  • When dressing for going out, keep in mind that the wind makes the weather even colder. In windy weather, put on more clothes.
  • If you can, do not drive, especially on side roads. If driving is unavoidable, bring a charged mobile phone, a snow shovel, warm clothes, and a warm drink.
  • For information on obstacles on the road caused by the snowstorm, call 1247 for road information.
  • To report power cuts, call the Elektrilevi information line at 1343. To report fallen power lines, also call the Emergency Response Centre at 112.
  • In case of injury or direct danger, call the emergency number 112.