Severe Weather Emergencies


Thunderstorms usually arise quickly. Therefore, it must be clear what to do when one occurs. Often, various hazards accompany a thunderstorm: lightning, heavy showers, strong wind, hail, and even tornadoes. Know what to do and make sure that your loved ones do the same.

Before thunderstorms

  • Install a lightning protection system in the home.
  • Disconnect household appliances from the mains and the antenna cable from the TV.
  • Move away from water bodies.

During the thunderstorm

  • Do not open the water tap. Water is a good electrical conductor.
  • Do not make a fire in the oven or stove. The charged particles in the smoke act as a lightning rod.
  • Do not seek shelter near lone standing trees, metal masts, or metal fences. The danger of getting hit by lightning is greater there.